Waistbead History & FAQ


Waistbeads are beautiful and delicate adornments. While each pair is made custom for each individual the level of care taken after receiving your waistbeads is extremely important. Be mindful when putting clothes on or taking off that they may often get caught as well as when going to the bathroom or strenuous activity. In the event that your waist beads become damaged at any time (breaking due to normal wear and tear) you can receive a replacement as long as 80% of the string, beads, gems, and charms are salvaged. This will cost a small fee for repairing (featured on website). To measure your waist for removable waist beads carefully position the measuring tape where you would like your waistbeads to lay. Once you have selected the area of choice measure starting from the 0 until the larger number meets. This will be the accurate number that you need to order. If you do not have a measure tape please message me and we can determine a close measurement by jean size. Please Note: Each pair give or take has additional beads to help finalize the piece so if you state that you would like a 25 there may be an additional 2-4 beads (less than a half inch) added.


Order Process/Shipping

Due to the tedious nature of work, the process time for these made-to-order waistbeads range from 5-7 business days depending on sales and demands. Business days exclude the weekend and holidays. This can change depending on the on-hand inventory.

Shipping time is separate from processing time. If you have a deadline for receiving an order, please don't hesitate to contact. We will be happy to accommodate expedited orders for a small fee. Priority upgraded shipping is also recommended.